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Missing Friends

Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave and impossible to forget.” Unknown

I love all of my friends and Im thrilled that I have had the opportunity to create bonds with such fabulous people.  I have many friends that I love as family, near and far, old and young and some across the world. When I connect with someone they are carved into my heart and I truly care for them. For that reason, I have been feeling a bit blue since one of my friends left the country. I played tennis with him, he was my tennis pro and he was the one that truly cultivated Christopher’s love of tennis as well. We didn’t just play with him at the club, we played with him every summer and over the years we all grew very fond of him.

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Sexy In The Suburbs

“I got passion in my pants and Im not afraid to show it-Im sexy and I know it.”   LMFAO

This was the song that was playing in my kitchen as I was downstairs this morning. My Bose radio is set to a local station so there is always music on in the morning. The fact that my kids know the words to this song is equally disturbing. The word sexy is thrown around everywhere today. Giavanna is only eight years old and sort of understands the meaning of the word. Im not a prude it’s just that it seems to me that the bombardment of sexuality in our culture is a little too much for everyone.

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He’s Mad At Me

“If you bungle raising your children, I don’t think whatever else you do well matters very much.” Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

Okay, so the following statement does not currently work in my favor but it is the absolute truth. I find it basically intolerable when my children are upset with me. Christopher is mad at me and it’s truly bothering me. We were supposed to watch a movie together last night and when the movie started, my kids were acting up. I find it borderline torturous to watch immature movies so if they aren’t going to at least pay attention to the darn movie, Im certainly not suffering through it.

They ended up watching the  movie without me but Im the one paying the price this morning. Christopher by nature is a very kind-hearted, gentle and warm boy. It is not his nature to be cold or unhappy and yet the  feeling in the air here is rather chilly.  I have attempted to discuss last night and he is holding stead-fast to the belief  that it is all my fault. Apparently I “overreacted”.  I don’t like when there is discord under my roof and I truly go out of my way to promote harmony and good will.  It really isn’t that difficult to do as my children are typically happy. This morning however, Im challenged. This morning I wish one of my male friends or relatives would take  him and talk to him. Perhaps that is what he needs, a little man to man time.  I can give my children all that I have to give them but I can’t be both Mother and Father. I try my best but it is times like this that Im at a loss.Continue Reading

Time for Me

“An unhurried sense of time is in itself a form of wealth.” Bonnie Friedman

I need a soundproof office, fifteen hours of uninterrupted time and someone who can tend to all the tasks while Im not being interrupted by the endless needs of my children. Is that too much to ask for- well apparently it is since I have not had that increment of free time in over ten years. Time- we all want it , we all waste it and too much of it on our hands makes us all a little bit crazy. I enjoy being busy but I need selfish time. Time to think and create. Time to reflect and time to work.

It’s the continual  interruption that makes me insane. Not always, but particularly this week as I have been working on a few projects. As a writer uninterrupted flow is a beautiful gift, as a Mother it is an impossibility. The requests that I hear from the family room are often the following: Im hungry can I have a cookie, can I get an app, can I buy a song, can I get a new doll,  Christopher and or Giavanna is bothering me and again can I have a cookie. It doesn’t end and Im the type of Mother who aims to please. That is problem number one. I have become the servant and I guess Mothers are all servants to a degree, it is built into our care taking nature. Ninety percent of the time I don’t mind but when Im trying to focus, it makes me grumpy.

I wonder if I feel this way even more so since Im the sole parent. I have to answer all the questions, respond to all the issues and problems and provide a solution to all  of the day’s quandaries. I have no one to carry the rest of the load. Im so used to it that I seldom think about it but when I do, I admit it is quite a job for one person to manage. So, my request for fifteen hours of uninterrupted time will have to wait approximately nine to ten years. That doesn’t seem so long does it… oh god can someone get me a cookie. xo


Welcome to my new Suburban Adventure

Dear Friends,

Welcome to my new site. I hope you will continue to enjoy my writing and continue to pass it on to your friends. There are many exciting things coming your way so be sure to subscribe to my Suburban Adventure. I continue to welcome your comments, suggestions and input. Each one of you has helped me on my journey and I thank you for your support.

Much love,


Passing moods

“Some days you tame the tiger, and some days the tiger has you for lunch.” –Tug McGuen

Was it just a coincidence that I happen to be in a bad mood on what is coined the most depressing day of the year, or is there some truth to it?

According to Dr. Cliff Arnall, a doctor who specializes in seasonal disorders, January 24th is the most depressing day of the year. He came up with an equation that is broken down into seven variables – weather, debt, monthly salary, time since Christmas, time since failed quit attempt, low motivational levels, and the need to take action. This equation equals a very bad January 24th. I’m sure happy it’s behind us. Wow, who knew that I wasn’t just having a bad day?

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Meeting Someone Special

I have to be honest, I was nervous tonight. It wasn’t the type of nervous that one feels when taking an important test or embarking on a new and daring adventure. This was a type of nervous that Im not quite sure that I have ever even experienced.  It was a unique feeling that threw me off guard and yet it was very real.


I came across the following and thought it would be nice to share it with you.  I believe it is a wonderful approach to life and all of it’s challenges. May you have a great day filled with light and happiness. Thank you for reading Suburban Adventure. You have helped me reach people all over the world by sharing my site and Im grateful. xo
Be Thankful
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Not The Perfect Couple

“Celebrities are not as rich as some people think they are.”  –Robin Leach

I’m not quite sure if Robin Leach is referring to the richness of one’s life and personal substance or their monetary value, or perhaps a combination of both. I know one thing that’s for sure- celebrities are regular people who make too much money for entertaining the masses. We are always surprised when certain couples get divorced. The latest one – Seal and Heidi Klum – has everyone, myself included perplexed.

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The New Wife

“One of the great things in the world is not so much to seek happiness as to earn peace and self respect.”  –Anonymous

I had the strangest dream last night that I can only attribute to the letter that my ex husband’s current wife sent to all of us yesterday. I dreamt that I was getting married to a man that I wasn’t quite sure that I actually even liked and to top that off, his ex-wife wanted to live with us. Apparently they were still great friends who liked each other.  It was a bad mixture of a dream and I was thrilled to wake up in my leopard sheets peaceful and relieved.

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